Event Entertainment

Eureka! has been providing entertainment at Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday parties, and celebrations since 2007!

Our core service sets the tone and mood of the event – game and puzzle play.   But we are not talking about ordinary games nor do we just bring jigsaw puzzles. We bri101-_MG_8081ng a team of experienced game leaders, giant games, and mechanical puzzles that work across ages and genders.

The games are not the games you grew up with – like monopoly or scrabble – but are different… (we call them abstract strategy games)… and when coupled with our highly trained game leaders who have mastered the art of providing just-in-time instruction, your guests are able to play the games instantly.  The games are not trivial (even through they take minutes to learn), and they work well across ages, genders, and skill levels (…we do help with strategy…)


Mechanical puzzles are things that need solving; iron horseshoes which need to be taken apart; wooden struts which have to go together in a certain way; things which look easy…but then wonder if they are even possible. (They are, we leave the impossible objects at the store.)

Mechanical puzzles are fun – and challenging – and we bring lots of them!   Some you can find in puzzle stores (like Eureka!), but many have been made for us exclusively for our events and are not found anywhere else.  087-scan0063

Some guests tend to initially focus on the mechanical puzzles, others go straight for the games. Then they switch. After a while, everyone winds up playing with everything and each other!

…and then the magic happens….

and you look around and see that your guests are all engaged… talking… playing and generally having a really great time…and you get to enjoy it all!


In addition to our core game and puzzle play, we have lots of options to provide the best party for you!


We would love to talk with you about your event and how we can make it fun, unique, different, amazing, and unforgettable!

Please contact us through this web site, or call 617-738-7352 and ask for Rafi.