“Eureka! Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are pretty amazing – it’s a “hamish” feeling, a warm, friendly, fun, engaging time.”

– The Jewish Advocate


“We are still flying high. Michael’s bar mitzvah was a wonderful day for our family, and we thank you and your staff for providing great games for the kids. They were totally engaged throughout the afternoon. There was a lovely feeling that pervaded the room all day. The kids and grown-ups played, and we all celebrated Michael’s milestone in a way that felt great. Many people commented on what a perfect alternative you offered to the usual dance/DJ routine. We are both grateful. Please share our thanks with your team.”

– Steven W.


“You guys were amazing! I can’t tell you how many people told us at the party and afterward in person and through email how wonderful all of you were. Thank you for helping to make this such a special day for our family!

– Pam T.


“You made my son so happy.  He had the best time and will remember this milestone forever.  I cannot compliment you enough.”

– Susan H.


“Thanks for everything.  The party was great! Everyone kept telling me what a great idea it was to have you guys and asking me where I found you.  My only regret is that I did not get to play a single game! Some day I hope to go to one of your parties and not be the host!”

– Jane E.


“Thank you so much for a wonderful time at Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah!  And thank you so, so very much for all of the time you spent with me ahead of time figuring out the best way to enhance Zachary’s special day by creating a truly fantastic celebration.  Everyone I have spoken with told me how much fun they had playing the games and challenging themselves with all of those great puzzles, and how much fun the kids had learning how to juggle.  You guys were both awesome to work with — patient with me when I really had no idea what the party was going to look like or even when it was going to be!  And you pulled off a really fun event.  Thank you!
– Leslie S. & Family


“Unbelievably Fun.  Exceeded my wildest expectations”-

– Madeline S.


“This was the best Bat Mitzvah I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of Bat Mitzvahs.”

– Friend of Bat Mitzvah


“This is the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding”

– Wedding guest.


“Wow! No one has ever stayed this late at a work party before.”

– Corporate Employee


“This is the latest I’ve ever seen people stay at a department party!”

– Department Employee


“Thank you again for helping to make our beautiful day even more magical and fun. I’ve had rave reviews of you guys from young and old alike! We have a basket on the table here at home filled with the table puzzles that we are continuing to drive ourselves crazy with!”

– Sally S.


“We had a destination wedding in July 2015, and—knowing that most of our guests were
spending a lot of time and money traveling to our wedding—we wanted to make sure they enjoyed themselves. So we contacted Eureka! to provide entertainment, as we thought it would be unique way for our guests to see many of the games we love playing while also serving as an icebreaker (many of our guests had never met one another).

After many discussions, we had Eureka! coordinate and emcee the entire wedding, including: the ceremony, the toast, all events/games, and music playlist, provid prizes and even create a trivia crossword puzzle specific to us!

We can’t begin to tell you the number of compliments we (they) received during and after the wedding.  Everything was a complete success, and we would hire them again in a heartbeat if we held another large event.

If you are looking for a fun, unique entertainment option for an event, then consider Eureka!”

– Leanne & Doug B.


“What a wonderful event your team put on for Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah.  They were fun, kind, and warm to all.  Kids AND adults loved it!”

– Gabriella S.


“Thank you for an amazing party. So many people told me this was the best Bar Mitzvah Party they had ever been to.  They enjoyed the challenges, and being able to hear each other talk.  At one point the adults were all focused on their individual puzzles and you could really sense the concentration in the air (and hear the occasional expletive mumbled under their breath).  Oh, and the kids enjoyed it too.  I guess I shouldn’t forget them. J Thanks Again!

– Francine L.


“This is the most extraordinary event I have ever seen… This is the end of a six hour event, and everybody is still here.  Playing games, talking with each other, enjoying themselves! Amazing!”

– Event Photographer


“Thank you again for making Luca’s Bar Mitzvah such a special event.  I wish we had more kids so we could have you at their Bar Mitzvahs!”

– Elizabeth L.